Empowering youth to be strong leaders in our community


1.) We provide a safe and inviting location for all members of the community and work to support the growth and enhancement of all its participants

  • We embrace diversity and encourage self-expression and personal development

2.) The YGB youth Ambassadors will advocate for the CYC and demonstrate enthusiasm for performance, positive living, healthy activities and authentic lifestyle choices.

  • We empower youth and provide a safe and positive environment to excel in the activities of their choosing

3.) The YGB Board of Directors, YGB Youth Ambassadors and all YGB members will collaborate with community partners and stakeholders to build meaningful relationships that enhance the quality of various art and cultural activities in Edmonton.

  • We are accountable to one another and support the growth, success and development of every person

4.) We are fiscally responsible and create opportunities to effectively showcase the CYC to generate sustainable and diversified revenue

  • We stay abreast of current trends, opportunities and community needs

5.) We encourage program diversity and work with our community partners to offer enriching and unique programming

  • We expand our programs and provide opportunities to give back to our youth in meaningful ways

About the YGB Foundation

The Youth Giving Back Foundation is a not-for-profit society run by the YGB Executive Board of Directors in the Creative Youth Centre. The Executive Director is responsible for the overall strategic and operational success of the Foundation. As a team of dedicated professionals, we support the development of youth through the arts, music, movement and diverse programming in a safe and inviting location. We believe in diversity and invite people of all ages and abilities to come through our doors.

The CYC is a fully functional beautiful 7,000 square foot educational|recreational complex in the north Edmonton area. This brand new centre provides education and instruction in dance, music and the related arts through programs, workshops, courses, & classes. The YGB Foundation stewards, sponsors, organizes and conducts festivals, showcases, events and concerts. We also encourage our youth to give back to the community in meaningful ways and promote a healthy, meaningful lifestyle by actively expressing and promoting the vision of the YGB Foundation: DREAM BIG AND LIVE ON PURPOSE!

Our History

The YGB was developed out of a grassroots dance organization (3rd Street Beat Parent Association) founded in 2004. The committee had a vision of a new performing arts centre that would house music, theatre, dancers, visual artists, community groups, workshops, and ample open studio space in an affordable & inclusive manner under one roof. This vision was realized in 2014.

We maintain connections to our partners that have been with us from the start and appreciate all of the support we have received from parents, sponsors and community organizations that share our belief that youth and the arts matter. We hope to grow our vision and look forward to what’s ahead…

Stay Connected


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