The Big Idea

The Creative Youth Centre is Edmonton’s newest premiere facility for the arts. Its purpose is to bring together multiple dance, fitness, community and arts organizations and have them offer their services under one roof, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience. Instead of taking Yoga Classes on Whyte ave, then Salsa classes downtown, Ballroom classes on the east side and Hip Hop in Sherwood Park, these will all be offered in one location. The CYC provides a positive environment where youth can hang out after school and on weekends. The centre is run and managed by the YGB Foundation executive board providing a unique service for all Edmontonians.

The Location

The 3SB Creative Youth Centre is conveniently located just off the Henday, south of St-Albert Trail on 156 street. This newly expanding area has ample parking and was chosen due to its proximity to major roadways and the “new” feel of the area.

Stay Connected


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