An All-Inclusive Home for the Arts in Edmonton

T The 3SB Creative Youth Centre is the newest centre for recreational and performance arts in Edmonton, Alberta.

Built For The Future – Today

The CYC is a beautifully renovated facility that hosts several community groups, health organizations, dance and rec companies, childcare and events. We are pleased to offer diverse programming for people of all ages and abilities and advocate for a strong diverse arts community.

CYC Benefits

With over 7000 sq ft of renovated space, we have created a fully serviced community centre with dance facilities, youth minded décor and rental space sure to please our community partners and investors. If you are looking for professionally maintained rental space or looking for affordable meeting space, we invite you to check out the CYC.

Together we are a strong Arts Community


Our Guiding Principles


The environment and culture of the centre encourages and fosters creative & organizational collaboration

Socialization and Strengthening Community

Programs at the CYC aim to be stimulating and diverse. Our doors are open to people of all ages, from different backgrounds, with unique and personal stories and skills to share. We encourage people to meet others, support the diversity and dedicated work of local community organizations and work collaboratively with our partners and sponsors to strengthen our YEG Arts community.

Creativity & Innovation

Visitors & Renters at the CYC are immersed in an environment that encourages creativity, diversity and skill building.

Stay Connected


Want to keep up-to-date with the latest news at the CYC? Join our newsletter here. We promise not to bug you too often ;)

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