The YGB Foundation intends to run a complete range of programming unique to the Creative Youth Centre throughout the year. The CYC will also provide space for a number of like-minded organizations who provide a full range of programming for youth and the arts.

Below are some of the CYC’s YGB programs under development at this time. For information on the programs made available by our rental partners, please visit the Partners section.


Event Sponsorship

The YGB sponsors various community events that share our mission to connect young people with the arts in a meaninfgul way.

Current Events Sponsored:

  1. Artists Emerge Dance Competition
    1. Artists Emerge offers scholarships to dancers to continue their training, thereby promoting accessibility of the arts in our community.
  2. Represent Dance Competition
    1. Represent Dance hosts their annual workshop in our Creative Youth Centre venue at a community rate, allowing more of their competitors to receive excellent training.
  3. Taylor Hatala Scholarship
    1. Directed at low income youth.

Looking to be sponsored by the YGB Foundation? Contact us here

Youth Empowerment Camp - Aug 2015

The Youth Empowerment Camp (YEC) is a 3 day, 6hr camp for youth ages 10-17 which will bring internationally acclaimed speakers from abroad speaking on topics such as Anti-Bullying, Social Media awareness, leadership and empowerment. In addition, there will be creative art projects, improv, fitness and dance programs offered throughout the camp to challenge the students focusing on character development, confidence building & teamwork.

More information here.

Equal Opportunity Program (EOP)

This program offers funding assistance with the goal of trying to ensure everyone in the community gets the same opportunity to learn and train in their artistic passion regardless of financial status. This program promotes equality among all students and truly enforces the importance of community and youth empowerment.

More information here.

Free Time

The YGB Foundation will make weekly studio space available for Starving Artists, Small Dance groups, local clubs. Please contact us to confirm your eligibility.

Upcoming Classes


Community Events


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